Drip n’ Splatter: Paintings by Keith Patterson

Saturday, July 1 – Saturday, July 29, 2017

About the Exhibit

Artist Reception & Concert:
Saturday, July 1
Join us for the opening reception of Keith Patterson’s exhibit – Drip n’ Splatter – at 7:00 PM followed by blues music by Keith Patterson & The Cosmic Harvest Band at 8:00 PM.
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The exhibit features paintings by local artist Keith Patterson.

Keith use abstract techniques, drop and splatter, and attempt to conjure a reality. Jackson Pollock and Claude Monet are his  greatest artistic influences.

Exhibit Dates:
Runs Saturday, July 1 – Saturday, July 29

Exhibit Admission is free.
Our exhibits are open Tuesday-Saturday (Closed Mondays) from Noon to 3:00 PM as well as during concerts and by appointment.

About the Artist

Keith Patterson began painting at the age of fourteen. His artwork includes award-winning cartoons, paintings, murals, and numerous corporate logos. Keith works with acrylic on canvas blending a variety of techniques that he has developed over his career as an artist. He has closely studied the work of the Masters and you may get a sense of Van Gogh, Monet, Pollack, and others while viewing his work.

Nathan Keith Patterson III, who signs his work NKP III, is a native of Danville, VA. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from George Mason University and is an avid musician and songwriter. He is a past winner of the Mid-Atlantic Song Writing Contest and arranged and performed the soundtrack for a Nike commercial that received both ACE and CAB award nomination.

According to Keith, “Ever since a boyhood adventure led to my discovery that the appearance of light changed when it passed through the glass from the bottom of a cola bottle, I’ve been fascinated with how light is made of the full spectrum of colors. I try to capture this phenomenon in my paintings.”

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